Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crochet Hooked ;)

I remember my grandmother passing innumerable hours over her needles. All types of them! Crochet, knitting and sewing needles were being interchanged in her hands. She never taught me how to use any of them! She belongs to that generation of Greek women for whom any kind of "needle usage" is a forced responsibility. She thought I'd better stay away from all this, as in contrast with her I had the chance to go to university and thereby to avoid most of the Greek society's traditionally female-imposed burdens.
Contrary to my grandmother's deepest wishes, as soon as I graduated from uni, I took hold of a needle at once! I have never left it since. Not only do I sew, I have developed a kind of fetish with needles, too! I collect them. When I see a needle I haven't seen before, I cannot resist buying it at once.
Recently, I got a hook on another kind of needle: the crochet needle. Crochet is like knitting for me in that it helps you relax, but above all, it helps you organize your thoughts. Each knot represents a part of a thought. And as soon as it takes its place in a line, I feel I've resolved part of an issue that has been concerning me. But the truth is, I get kind of bored with knitting sometimes. I just don't always feel like repeating the same move a million times and still not "see" something coming up...So I recently discovered crochet :) The result resembles more a painting, than a mere woven surface. Crochet can produce miracles.
I collected some pictures over the web that I wish to share with you. Hopefully, soon I will show you my very own first creations, with the help of my new friends, the Double Crochets (aka Panagiota and Marietta).
crochet madness with granny squares in Helsinki

sooooo cool! (by Inger Carina)
boys don't cry;they crochet on! (by Nathan Vincent)
2011 crochet fairytales (by Heather Muise)

state of the art: Joana Vasconcelos

state of the art: Joana Vasconcelos

state of the art: Joana Vasconcelos
Japanese style crochet: a crobot by Nancy Pailloux
crochet doll by Athina Anagnostopoulou


  1. so adorable....

  2. Ok, you have impressed me, so let me share one of my dreamy ideas with you : Underwears with a touch of crochet... Soooooo sexy (and old-time innocent, at the same time) !!!

    1. s high time you joined our yarn loving afternoons!now, you get the point! ;)