Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Question at a Time I: Things I hate about Fashion Blogs

I never really wanted to have a blog of my own because I simply always thought it's a hard thing to do. You can't just go out there and add up to the crap that is already out there! What's worse, is that you actually CAN! I started this blog in order to keep THEIA friends up to date with our seminars and workshops. But evidently I cannot escape the temptation to expose some of my own thoughts. So...tonight I am thinking about starting a DIALOGUE (hopefully) on issues that concern fashion. I shall do my best in order to keep concentrated upon topics that are largely avoided by "fashion lovers", "fashion bloggers" and all the "fashion-whatever" people that rarely look or think beyond their wonderful "fashion mirror"...
And this is actually a very good chance for me to expose all the things I hate about fashion blogs. This will probably help me stick away from them on the way (though I cannot really promise I will not repeat the exact same things...if everyone does it, there must be a reason I guess...something like an internet monster that comes along in your dreams and forces your brain to act strangely upon your very own blog the next day....hmmm...)
Anyway. I'll try and stick to my list then:

1. I do not care what your ass looks like in the whole new pair of jeans you just got. Looking at just another picture of yourself wearing that new garment that you think is SO cool is none of my business. So you might as well keep it to yourself (unless of course you have been told by at least five people in one day that what you wear actually looks cool).
2. The same goes for your friend. I don't care what he/she was wearing last night when you went out to a lousy club. Do you really believe that what got you in that club was your clothes?!
3. Places are not fashion. Fashion is not an object. It is not tangible and it definitely does not consist of walls. Buildings and spaces are not and will never be "fashion". So, stop talking about "fashionable places/spots/corners". It just shows you do not get it. Places can be "cool", but not "fashionable". People that visit a place can be fashionable, without this meaning the same goes for the place in question.
4. Fashion is not just clothes. Fashion means "way". It is about the way we live really. It has to do more with the aesthete, that is true. Yet, aesthetics is not limited to clothes (thank my!), so blogs on fashion that are just concerned with clothes are bind to fail. I don't care if they have a thousand followers. I prefer an honest commercial clothes blog that is intended to do what is says ("sell") than a blog that pretends to be about fashion and talks-talks-talks about (his/her new) clothes. To prove myself right, google it: top rated fashion blogs talk about a variety of things that make fashion.
5. Traveling in order to have something new for your blog sucks and it shows, too. You travel because you love to travel. And as you are attracted to anything that has to do with fashion, you grab the chance and post your findings from your trip. Excellent! But if you go on a trip to just fill blanks in your blog, people will be able to tell EASILY and it will make you look like a victim. Enjoy yourself and things will come along as they should if you really have your heart into something. There is nothing to chase after.
6. The fact that in order to write your last article you had to wait about 5 hours in a queue worries me about your mental health. Just think: most of the other crazy people before and after you are waiting for the same reason as you, that is to get an article written. What makes you want to write the same article as the other people in the queue so badly? You won't be original and on top of that by the time YOU get it written it won't even be news anymore, cause " manager of the event" passed all the info to those he wanted...last night! Yes, that was the PRIVATE viewing you were not invited to. And do you know who WAS invited? People that instead of waiting in queues have spent their lives discovering new things in unexpected locations. Because they love to; not because they were told to.
7. Decide what is original ("original" to you at least) and be consistent with your own idea of originality. You can evolve your ideas through time, but it's silly to contradict them all the time!
8. It is hard to maintain a balance, but make an effort to promote YOUR view about things. The fact that a friend made something new is not enough in itself to mention it. You have to truly like what your friend made. (If you don't, apart from a lame writer, you're a lame friend too). Should I even mention "sponsors"? Be careful with who your sponsors are, so that you do not end up with a blog that looks more like a supermarket. And, last but not least, I hate people who do not have the guts to say "x and x designers might have suggested y; y looks gross nonetheless". No one has to like anything that might appear anywhere. Use your judgment and if it still fits right, then say "I loved it"!
9. If you did not manage to take those shots you really wished for from the last catwalk you attended, it's always preferable to use someone else' s photos than cause me some weird focusing disease. Your point should not be that YOU attended, but WHAT you attended. Grow up.
10. I'll leave this one blank, because: a) whoever said that lists have to be "of ten" was wrong, and b) because I would actually love to hear what YOU hate about fashion blogs!

*** Let's get a conversation going! ***

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